Siamese PLC
28 May 2021

Bridgefort CNC


This product animation features a new tabletop CNC milling machine. The video illustrates its various features using a voice over and on-screen text. Persuading new customers couldn't be easier.

Most tabletop milling machines currently on the market are budget models. These feel more like prototypes than reliable machines. If you're looking for a better setup, you end up in the higher segment aimed at large companies. The Bridgefort TM 375 CNC is a mid-range alternative. A perfect solution for small companies and startups.

Industrial design

For this product we created both the animation and the design. The objective was a robust and modern look that suited production methods suitable for low amounts.

From abstract to concrete

Placing a machine or product in an environment provides viewers with context. The right setting makes a machine less abstract. That helps convince customers. Sometimes, however, the background can be distracting. In those cases, we opt for simple background, so the machine or product has room to stand out.

Based on our animation files, we can also create images of machines or products with a transparent background. Perfect for websites and online shops!