Tabletop CNC Product render
Bridgefort CNC
28 May 2021
Welding robot design
Welding Automation
28 May 2021

Siamese PLC


Designing a PLC casing for industrial purposes. Aside from the rugged design, we were responsible for a short teaser animation that highlights various features of the PLC.

These mini controllers are often responsible for very important processes. But the functional, dated design does not reflect this. Our industrial redesign uses clean lines and solid colours to communicate its industrial roots and sleek importance.

Plug & Play

By matching the dimensions of the redesign with the outgoing model, the PLC is easily installed as a retrofit.

Interface design

Often the underdog that disappoints users: interface design. We tackled the interface design alongside the redesign of the PLC. Now, the display matches the product design and improves usability. That's a win-win in our book.