Siamese PLC
28 May 2021
Laboratory Sample Tray
28 May 2021

Welding Automation


This animation takes you into the factory. Sparks flying without wearing protective gear is no problem here. Can’t you just smell the welding fumes?

Animations like these are great for convincing new customers. You’ll be able to show them their future investment today. With a 3D animation, they’ll have no trouble picturing your machine in their factory. And that’s an easier sale.

This in-house project allowed us to combine various animation techniques. It also shows you how appealing an industrial animation can be.

Different setups

Do you have an automation solution without a robot? 3D animation allows us to picture anything. With the same passion, we'll create simple pick & place systems, conveyor belts or factories filled with robots. You name it, we'll do it!


We have a large library of industrial models, so setting up different factory configurations is a breeze. That leaves us more time for unique design elements and getting your message across.