Project | Siamese PLC

Teaser animation for PLC


Design of a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) casing for industrial applications. In addition to the robust design, we also created a short teaser animation that explains various functions.

These mini-controllers are often responsible for critical processes. However, their highly functional and outdated appearance doesn't reflect that. This industrial design project changes that with a sleek design and robust colors.

Plug & Play

By aligning the design with the dimensions of the outgoing model, the PLC can easily be mounted as a retrofit.

Interface Design

Often an overlooked aspect that disappoints users: interface design. We tackled the interface in conjunction with the product design. This way, the screen beautifully complements the product and is easier to operate. We call that a win-win.

Close-up view of a modern, industrial Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) named 'SIAMESE IGLOO'. The PLC is encased in a sleek black and vibrant yellow housing, indicating robust design suitable for industrial environments.
Close-up view of the 'Siamese PLC' industrial control device showing the touchscreen display with menu options for Start, Install, System, Settings, and Restart.
3D render of a conceptual 'Siamese PLC' industrial controller with an integrated touch screen interface, LED status indicators, and labeled connection ports.
Wide-angle 3D render of 'Siamese PLC' modular control system featuring multiple interconnected units with a touchscreen interface, system status menu displayed, and various input/output terminal blocks.
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