Project | Welding Automation

Teaser animation for assembly instructions


With this animation, we take you into a welding factory. Hanging over the sparks without a welding helmet is not a problem here. You can almost smell the welding fumes.

Animations like these are great for convincing new customers. We can recreate their factory hall or other environment and place your product in it. You won't need to rely on your customer's imagination, which makes selling your product much simpler.

This in-house project gave us the opportunity to combine different animation techniques, showing how appealing an industrial animation can be.

3D rendering of a blue robotic arm in a simulated welding automation process, showcasing precise equipment movements with cables and weld points, exemplifying Adrian & Company's design and animation expertise.

Different Compositions

An automation solution without a robot? With 3D animation, the possibilities are endless. We can animate simple pick & place systems, conveyor belts, or even factories full of robots.


We have a large library of industrial models. With these, we can set up a factory layout very quickly. This leaves more time for unique design elements and conveying your message.

Detailed 3D model of a complex welding automation machine with intricate mechanical components and fixtures, presented by Adrian & Company to display their technical modeling capabilities for industrial design.
Close-up of a blue robotic welding arm in action, creating bright sparks as it welds a curved metal component on an assembly line.
Aerial view of a factory floor with a white robotic arm positioned near a black fixture holding a metal part, surrounded by various industrial workstations.
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