Project | Laboratory Sample Tray

Teaser animation for assembly instructions


This teaser animation illustrates how animation can replace or complement paper manuals.

In this explainer video, the message is the most important. The fresh look and simple, playful movements keep viewers engaged. The added 2D animation and on-screen text round out the video.

This approach pays off: an informative and affordable animation that is made in no time.

3D illustration of an overview of a white laboratory sample tray. The tray contains neatly organized green test tubes with numerical markings and red tags hanging off the side, indicating sample information. The bright blue background provides contrast, emphasizing the tray's features and the orderly arrangement of samples. This image is part of an Adrian & Company explainer video showcasing the product's design and use.

Details make it `click`

Adding handwritten notes makes the sample tray look like a real-life example. Details like these help viewers connect to the video and the message.


We often use existing CAD files for our animations. That gives us an accurate copy to work with and saves time. However, these files are not available. In those cases, we recreate the model using samples or detailed pictures. This sample tray was created with this method.

Close-up view of a white laboratory sample tray with detailed features in a 3D illustration. The tray's functionality is demonstrated for precise sample organization, as depicted in an Adrian & Company animated explainer video.
Digital rendering of a laboratory sample tray by Adrian & Company, depicted in a minimalistic and colorful design. The tray features a variety of labeled slots in a spectrum of green, yellow, red, and blue hues. This image is a part of an explainer video showcasing an animated alternative to paper manuals, emphasizing clean graphics and engaging animations to communicate information effectively.
A 3D visualization of a tilted white laboratory sample tray against a blue gradient background. The tray is filled with vibrant red, green, and blue test tube samples, arranged in an organized grid pattern, showcasing the product's design for clear and systematic sample management as featured in Adrian & Company's animated explainer video.
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